"It's rare to find someone as open and compassionate in their approach to healing as Sheila Prakash. Sheila is a powerful guide who takes me step by step through the challenges and encourages me at every point to tap into my own courageous light. My life, relationships, work and overall quality of existence have been gracefully elevated by the guidance she so generously offers me as her client. I recommend her to anyone on the path to self healing: she's truly a gifted healer."


Artist, Actress & Healer

"Words can't describe how rewarding it is to work with Sheila.  She's gentle, patient, and generous with her time and spirit.  I've been able to slowly resolve some very difficult issues with her guidance.  Sheila has taught me awareness breathing, guided meditation and how to tap into my inner child, something I previously thought too terrifying to consider.  Her approach helped renew a sense of trust, kindness and compassion for myself.  I cannot recommend her services highly enough."


Creative Arts Guide & Teacher

"Sheila provides a safe and comforting listening space with an open and peaceful heart. The support she gives is rooted in her awareness of herself and the world around her, which she has found and continues to find in her own spiritual journey.  I am warmed to know that I am being guided by someone who is continuing a practice of self-awareness and inner growth herself, and have found myself moving towards true happiness and a sense of myself as a result."



"Sheila is amazingly grounded and is able to approach all situations rationally and also spiritually. There is a constant sense of love, care, understanding, and passion in everything that she says and does which is extremely unique and special. She is a great listener and manages to turn any challenging situation into something positive and a learning experience. Her passion and zest for life is unparalleled."


Advertising Director

"Sheila is an inspiration and a light to anyone she comes in contact with. She has an innate ability to show you how to follow your inner truth and spirit. She taught me how to get in the "driver seat and turn the car on" and be true to myself. Her warm heart and bright smile allows you to open the gates to look within."


Marketing Manager

"Sheila Prakash has been an everlasting source of wisdom, support and love in my life.  Sheila constantly works with you to challenge your views and thoughts, but she does while coming from a place of love and care.  Sheila has helped me through some of my most difficult times and taught me how to grow and learn from the journey of life."


Corporate Finance

"I consider myself blessed and lucky to have met Sheila Prakash. Sheila's love for life, compassion towards others, and generous heart radiates with her warm smile. She has given me positive and truthful guidance and unconditional support throughout the years. Every time I talk to her, my perspective on life, love, family, friends….everything, gets better and better. She is a wonderful and loving human being and you will know the second you meet her."


Sales Executive

"Sheila is an extremely authentic and inspirational soul who enhances the lives of all people with whom she interacts.  Upon first contact with her, people promptly sense a shift recognizing the wonderful energy, enthusiasm, and compassion that emanates from her being.  Sheila has an uncanny ability to connect deeply with individuals coupling her open-minded and curious nature with her intuition and awareness.  Sheila lives and breathes her passion for helping, healing, and spirituality which serves as a gift for those of us fortunate enough to experience her aura and craft."


Business Executive & Coach