Transpersonal Breathwork integrates various Eastern and Western techniques and serves as a tool to explore and experience consciousness in its full spectrum. Through the combination of powerful music and accelerated breathing, the powerful realm of expanded states of consciousness provides a person with the ability to venture far within their depths to connect with their inner healer. The inner healer acts as the nurturing force that delivers whatever is needed most for one’s growth and evolvement. The art of breathwork allows a person to connect with their authentic self to face their darkness, uncover their innate gifts, gain profound insights, bask in their Light, and embrace their fears and joys from a loving and spiritual perspective. Breathwork is a way of breathing one’s Self back into wholeness.

The next Transpersonal Breathwork workshop will be held August 24th, 2013 in New York City. If interested, please join my mailing list or contact me directly for more information.