I believe therapy can be used as a way to search our inner space to realize our full potential. We each have an abundance of answers within us waiting to be found - sometimes we just don’t have the necessary tools in order to hear our intuition’s guidance to our puzzling questions and difficult challenges.

I find creating an atmosphere in which one can uncover their essential truth allows them to open up to various pieces of their Self that sometimes have been hidden for so long. Through this inner journey, one can begin to gain awareness and create a more accepting approach of love and compassion for their whole self rather than judgment and criticism for their seemingly unwanted parts.

I feel combining conventional psychotherapy with spiritual healing practices such as meditation, guided imagery, visualization, and breathwork allows a person to understand oneself from a more holistic perspective of mind, body, and spirit. This encompassing view helps build a strong foundation in which one can connect to a place within that will allow them to grow, learn, evolve, and heal themselves.

I work with my clients to help them navigate through their everyday and life-long challenges by providing the tools needed to listen to one’s own internal guidance and by accompanying them on their inner journey to discover their Strength, Freedom, Courage, and true Essence.