Looking Within Therapy

Within each of us are the answers to our own puzzling questions and difficult challenges, just waiting to be uncovered; I believe therapy can provide us with the tools we need to hear and follow our intuition's guidance towards this truth. My style involves helping people understand and approach universal challenges such as anxiety, fear, depression, grief, anger, low self-esteem, and relationship issues in a healing way, as well as delving into deeper layers such as inner child work, self-love and acceptance, finding one's true purpose, and building one's intuition. Looking Within therapy encompasses the mind, body, and spirit by combining conventional psychotherapy with spiritual healing practices such as meditation, guided imagery, visualization, and breathwork. My passion stems from journeying with another as they maneuver through their darkness and light to unearth their powerful and loving Spirit.

I am a psycho-spiritual therapist and Transpersonal breathwork facilitator. I graduated from Teachers College, Columbia University with both a Master of Arts and a Master of Education in Psychological Counseling; as well as a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from University of Florida. I went on to pursue my passions of healing and helping through a training program held in the Black Forest of Germany and centered on Transpersonal Breathwork and Transpersonal Psychotherapy, which integrates spirituality and psychotherapy.

My office is located in downtown New York City. Please feel free to contact me at either 646.543.1627 or Sheila@LookingWithinTherapy.com with any questions or to set up an initial session. I look forward to hearing from you.

Our site is currently under construction. Please stay tuned for our new site coming soon.

Sheila Prakash